38% Remote Workers Feel Employers Must Pay For Home Internet, Electricity Bills

A new survey reveals that nearly 38 percent of individuals think that their employers should bear the costs of internet connectivity.

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This is according to a novel study conducted by AppNeta, a Boston-based network performance monitoring software company that asked several individuals working from home about the challenges they face, especially with regard to internet connectivity.

Who pays for their current internet connection? 

As per the survey, today, out of all those who work from home individuals who work from home, 79 percent of them pay for their own internet connection. Around 10 percent have their partners paying for the internet. 5 percent report their parents paying for the internet, 3 percent as others. Two percent say their government pays for the internet and one percent have their company paying for the internet. 

Should employers pay for the internet connection?

But out of this, 38 percent want the company to bear the internet costs, whereas 33 percent feel that they should be paying for it themselves. 24 percent feel that they don’t really need the internet for working from home. Three percent of people say the government should pay for it whereas the remaining three percent say that the landlord should pay for the internet connectivity.

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Out of the 38 percent individuals who feel the employer should be paying the internet charges, 26 percent feel that they should pay some part of the bill, 34 percent feel that they should get a routine stipend for it. The remaining 40 percent feel that they should be paying the entire bill amount.

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The future of the internet

Looking at the future, around five to ten years, when more and more of humanity is going to rely on internet connectivity, 25 percent feel there should be Wi-Fi coverage everywhere around the world. 23 percent feel the internet should be baster and more reliable. 

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As many as 22 percent feel there should at least be free Wi-Fi in public spaces like parks or airports. 15 percent feel it should be a public utility and 14 percent feel it should become more consistent with no or fewer outages.

What do you think? If you are a remote worker enjoying work from home, should your employer foot your electricity and internet bill as well? Let us know in the comments section below, and keep visiting Indiatimes.com for more technology news, reviews, trends and tech impact on our new normal.

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