10 Best Pop Fidget Toys of 2021

courtesy Whether you bite your nails or twirl your hair, fiddling is an all too familiar impulse to distract from our inner monologue. The polarizing fidget spinner tapped into that idea, showing that both kids and adults alike enjoy tangible toys to transfer their energy. This summer ushered in a […]

New back to school gadgets

Gadget Guru Steve Greenberg is back to share some great gadgets for going back to school. PRODUCT INFO: FOCI Focus Tracker — We’re all familiar with Fitbit and other activity trackers.  FOCI Focus Tracker tracks your attention-span.  Using machine learning and by measuring the movement of the diaphragm while breathing, FOCI sends your focus […]

Google Workspace gets new features and hardware

Google has announced a range of new features for Google Workspace, they have also announced some new hardware. Spaces are now live on Google Workspace and they are integrated with a wide range of Workspace tools, you can see more details on this below. Spaces are the central place for […]

Four great gadgets for a good night’s sleep

Gadgets updates Sign up to myFT Daily Digest to be the first to know about Gadgets news. Blanket solution Chilisleep’s Ooler system allows you to take control of your bed temperature It’s not so long since one of the major reasons for insomnia in the UK was being too cold […]

7 New Gadgets to Keep on Your Radar

Can’t believe it’s already September? Neither can we. That said, it means we are entering the golden season for new gadget announcements. And it started this week. Below, we’ve rounded up all our favorite new tech gadgets that were announced this week, from Bose’s newest noise-canceling cans to Fujifilm’s most […]

The Best and Biggest Gadgets of August 2021

The summer is drawing to a close. Here are all the most important releases from August that you should know about as we head into the fall. JBL L52 Classic Courtesy The JBL L52 Classic are the company’s newest vintage-inspired bookshelf speakers. They’re effectively a smaller and cheaper version of […]

6 Gadgets to Have on Your Radar This Week

This week, Sonos had a big win against Google as a judge ruled that they infringed on a number of its patents when creating their smart speakers. They’re where more leaks of Bose’s upcoming QuietComfort headphones. And Netflix is adding spatial audio support, giving iPhone owners yet another reason to […]