How does a DMCA Takedown service work?

Emily Charlotes

Do you make copyrighted content, but are you scared that people will share it regardless your copyright? Investing in a DMCA takedown service might be a smart move then! Not only does this actually secure you online, it also gives you the feeling of more artistic freedom. Whether you make […]

Guide about Chrome Extension for Amazon

Emily Charlotes

Using Chrome Extensions as an Amazon FBA seller can be a game-changer. Selling on Amazon necessitates proficiency and efficiency in many aspects of running a business. You’ll have to research and source products, calculate sales velocity and revenues and complete your due diligence on each item you wish to sell […]

Movies to watch to learn the German language

Emily Charlotes

According to statistics, Germany is among the most advanced countries in the world with the german language having 95 million native speakers as of 2015. Learning German as another language on your list is vital due to the many opportunities available in Central Europe. It is also significant because the […]

Tube Tv Disposal

Today, the average American household has at least two televisions. The modern flat-panel TV has seen the end of the cathode-ray tube (CRT), which were large, bulky boxes that used to live in basements or attics. The CRT TVs still in households pose a unique challenge for electronics recyclers because […]

Determining the Need for the Type of Azure training

Knowing all the resources involved in the training will make the azure training program show more useful results. Before you move on to the training process, you can determine the type of training that employees need the most. This process can be done using different types of companies. But you […]

Panama unveils bill to make Bitcoin legal tender

Angela Lang/CNET In what could be the beginning of a global trend, Panama is exploring a fast follow of El Salvador’s official embrace of Bitcoin. The day after El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as legal tender, Panamanian Congressman Gabriel Silva introduced a bill designed to provide “legal, regulatory, and fiscal certainty to […]

Football Preview: 2021 Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys

Image of Wonder Boys Summer 2021Some of the more than 100 Arkansas Tech football players who participated in voluntary summer workouts pose for a photo outside the Hull Physical Education Building following one of their training sessions. Legendary basketball coach John Wooden observed that the true test of a man’s […]

Tech news: Airbnb to block some Halloween bookings

Airbnb wants no tricksters this Halloween. The online marketplace for short-term home rentals will block some users from booking one- or two-night weekend stays during Halloween, which falls on a Sunday this year. Airbnb says the ban will help “prevent and deter unauthorized and large parties.” Airbnb says renters “without […]

Battle brews over the future of third-party delivery

Photo illustration by Nico Heins Welcome to RB’s weekly roundup of the latest in restaurant technology. To get this and other tech news sent right to your inbox every Wednesday, click here. Third-party delivery companies took some lumps last week.  First, the California law that allowed them to classify their drivers as independent […]