Flex Your Power. Own Your Tech.

Before advanced computer graphics, a collection of clumsy pixels would represent ideas far more complex than technology could capture on its own. With a little imagination, crude blocks on a screen could transform into steel titans and unknown worlds. It’s that spirit of creativity and vision that we celebrate each […]

Dubai uses technology to cool the city

Dubai is known for its innovative mindset. Not only is the tallest building in the world located in the city, but Oktoberfest is also scheduled to take place there this fall. Artificial rain due to high temperatures In temperatures that can climb to 50 degrees today, Dubai is taking action […]

Navy Surface Fleet Testing High-Tech Systems

JUST IN: Navy’s Newest Ships Finding Work as Testbeds USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) (Navy photo) Facing advanced adversaries such as China, the Navy is looking to utilize some of its newest ships to test high-tech weapon systems, including hypersonic missiles, a top official said July 22. The Navy is planning to […]

Employee experience top HR tech priority

Pandemic stressors plus a tight labor market mean employee experience remains a top priority for HR leaders and their tech partners. If you can, and I understand if this is difficult, think about what your primary work-related goals and HR technology strategies and plans were prior to March 2020. Seems […]