WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: Learn Key Differences

They sound incredibly similar, so what’s the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? We’ll explain how they differ while also seeing how they stack up in terms of setup, themes, customization, plugins, security, price, and more. What is the Main Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? WordPress.com is an all-in-one platform that […]

WPX WordPress Hosting Outage

WPX Managed WordPress Hosting suffered an outage that may have taken down thousands of websites. The outage has lasted for hours. Many customers are complaining about a lack of communication from WPX. WPX Hosting Site Was Unreachable Even the WPX website hosting site itself was unreachable. Screenshot of WPX Hosting […]

How to Create a Slider on Your WordPress Website

The more elegant a website looks, the better the audience’s interaction with the content will be, right? On average, we have just 3 seconds to capture visitors’ attention in today’s instant-gratification world. When a person lands on your website, it’s vital to divert their attention to something engaging, so they […]

The 7 Most Effective WordPress SEO Plugins

Growing a successful WordPress website requires heavy investments in time, effort, and resources. Engaging content, a proficient sitemap, high user satisfaction, key products or services, and a healthy dose of SEO are a few of the many resources you’ll need to contribute. Let’s focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A […]

15 Analytics Plugins for WordPress

With the right analytics plugin, a WordPress merchant can track prospects and customers, get advanced stats to improve site performance, and fix what’s broken. Here is a list of analytics plugins for WordPress. There are services — both free and paid — to track visitors and events, create page and […]

10 WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

WordPress is an amazingly powerful and flexible tool. But like any tool, its wide array of options means it’s easy to make mistakes using it. While all of these mistakes will adversely affect your website, some can be absolutely devastating. That’s why it’s so important to know what they are […]

Which Is Better for SEO?

Wix and WordPress are two of the most popular website solutions available. According to Builtwith, Wix is powering over 4.5 million websites while WordPress is behind over 28 million websites. The key difference between them is that Wix is a website builder and hosted solution, whereas WordPress is an open-source content […]