Cats Torment Owners and Their Tech Gadgets in Funny New Ad from Back Market

Back Market, a marketplace dedicated to the sale of reconditioned electrical and electronic appliances, has launched a funny new 360° brand campaign via Buzzman that puts thousands of unhappy cats in the lead role.

As part of its mission to change the way people consume and perceive tech products, the brand is cutting in on the “nine lives” exclusivity enjoyed by cats with a simple message: by buying or selling on Back Market, anyone can give new life to an electronic device.

“So, no offense to our friends the cats, but from now on they are not the only ones to have multiple lives,” the brand says.

Under the direction of American director Tom Kuntz known in particular for his campaigns for Axe, Old Spice, and Heineken, the film reveals, in a Hitchcockian atmosphere, the disturbing and spectacular uprising of cats against reconditioned appliances.

Smartphones, computers, headphones, they all fall prey to the devious stratagems of the felines, who eventually go so far as to attempt to take over a refurbishing workshop in order to keep their monopoly on multiple lives.

The new brand signature “Hello Again”, introduced at the end of the film, conveys for the first time a message about the longevity of tech products, while at the same time winking at the iconic “Hello” present at the switch-on of all Apple products, said a release

The 360° campaign was launched in Europe (France, UK, Spain and Germany) and consists of TV, digital, and cinema films in different formats. It is supported by a social media campaign as well as an integral poster campaign. New films and a new poster campaign will also be launched by the end of 2022 running into 2023.

Cats Torment Owners and Their Tech Gadgets in Funny New Ad from Back Market