Glow Hits SaaS Market with All-in-One WordPress Site Management Tool

SaaS leader Glow returns with a new offering for the digital markets with its new all-in-one WordPress site maintenance tool, allowing agencies and web developers to manage multiple websites with just a single dashboard.

The new WordPress solution comes after a successful twelve-month period where Glow provided outsourced WordPress site maintenance services to a wide variety of clients. From advertising agencies to web development firms, to end-users themselves – the software-as-a-service (SaaS) leader offered its services through a web-based app.

Glow 2.0 Dashboard

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A One-Stop-Shop for WordPress Site Management

With its newly-released market version for its Glow app, the service leader can better provide the needs of its clientele, especially those that require the updating and maintenance of several WordPress sites through a single platform. This, in turn, creates an opportunity for increased work efficiency and increases revenue for the companies. In its new all-in-one site management product, Glow effectively eliminates the need for different systems and different tools used in conventional site management tasks – a fact made more troublesome in cases where administrators and developers have to juggle multiple sites at any point in time.

Also, setting itself apart from other existing WordPress site management tools, the new Glow all-in-one app is built on a specialist support ticket system. This allows agencies and developers to communicate with their clients in the app directly and allows them to track the progress of these support tickets, putting them in a unique position to respond and create the best customer service experience.

“WordPress now powers around 40% of the entire internet. That’s a lot of websites,” says Glow Founder Phil Storey in a company press release. “It’s the choice for thousands of agencies and developers around the world, for building their clients’ websites and with such high demand comes the need for ongoing support and maintenance.”

Storey additionally explains that they’re bringing the site maintenance tool to the market to help users a better WordPress maintenance business and help them create a more transparent and enjoyable experience for their clients. He explains that managing multiple WordPress sites is an “extremely time-consuming process without the right tool.” Additionally, the end client also struggles to understand the value site maintenance could bring to their businesses.

Simplicity in the Complex World of Web Development and Maintenance

“By making Glow a tool where agency’s clients can log in and view important information about how their website is being looked after, we aim to not only help agencies more easily prove the value of maintenance to their clients, we’re also confident of dramatically improving the efficiencies for agencies in the delivery of this service,” Storey adds in the statement. He then stressed that the Glow app was designed for simplicity by creating a one-stop-shop solution for maintaining multiple sites.

Glow made its first foray into the SaaS market last May 2020, aiming to help digital agencies ease up on costs and downtime by outsourcing their WordPress site maintenance needs to the new tech startup. After working with a growing client base in the Uk and in the US, Phil Storey gained a better understanding of the needs of their clients and developers that offer site maintenance solutions. Backed by months of research and survey data, they managed to finally make a shift to a complete product-only business model, allowing the customers’ maintenance team to manage the whole process better and see the bigger picture.

“We’ve designed Glow intentionally so that it focuses on the relationship between the agency and their client. Unlike competing products, it’s not just a set of technical WordPress features,” the Glow founder added.

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