Guide about Chrome Extension for Amazon

Using Chrome Extensions as an Amazon FBA seller can be a game-changer. Selling on Amazon necessitates proficiency and efficiency in many aspects of running a business. You’ll have to research and source products, calculate sales velocity and revenues and complete your due diligence on each item you wish to sell before you see a dime. Fortunately, there is still hope, as frightening as some of these may appear. Google Chrome and its Chrome Extensions have a lot of power to make product research more productive and efficient. You can Get it Now and earn profits. 

Competitor analysis, product, and keyword research are all included in this advanced Amazon seller program. With accurate and efficient real-time Amazon data tracking, you can make smarter decisions and establish expert strategies as you browse. Use reliable Amazon seller software to keep track of competitor products and do in-depth Amazon product research, keyword research, etc.

  1. Product Development

To evaluate your product category, get fast product insights. Analyze product demand and sales potential. Examine the quality of your product listings and receive suggestions about improving them. The total number of vendors for each product should be used to judge the buy box competition.

  2. Profit Calculator Right on the Page

Do you want to know how to determine the ideal pricing for a product based on profit margins? SellerApp calculates the profitability of each product, allowing you to choose the best pricing and fulfillment options.

  3. Keep an eye on your competitors.

As you peruse Amazon, keep an eye out for unusual things. Understand their keyword strategy using the Product Keywords tool to grasp their most successful keywords. Customizable alerts will keep you informed about their product strategy. Examine their product listing quality using SellerApp’s listing quality index (LQI), which identifies the strengths and flaws of their product pages.

  4. Keywords for the Product

To improve product discoverability, find the ideal keywords. To attract more potential buyers, find profitable keywords. Get keyword ideas that are significantly related to your listing and could help you make a lot of money.

  5. Trends in Pricing and Reviews

Monitor your competitors’ pricing behavior to gain a competitive advantage for your Amazon products. Keep track of product review trends. Get notified about Amazon product repricing techniques and ratings. 

  6. Analyze Competitor Strategy

Get access to the database, including over 100 million products and over a billion data points. With ease, analyze top-selling competitor items and create long-term goals to keep you ahead of the competition.

  7. Real-time tracking of product metrics

The product intelligence features monitor parameters such as ratings, BSR, opportunity score, revenue, and more in real-time through an easy-to-use dashboard. You can now make quick, informed judgments in a flash.

  8. Accurate Reports and Reliable Sales Data

Amazon Chrome extension allows you to create custom filter presets to fine-tune your sales data. Get customized data on sales and revenue projections, prices, and orders, among other things.

Our comprehensive data filters are created to help you locate top Amazon items picked with the best-prefiltered metrics, providing unrivaled context and depth into your Amazon data. With just a few clicks, find products that automatically and rapidly check off the essential elements on your Amazon product research checklist.