How does a DMCA Takedown service work?

Do you make copyrighted content, but are you scared that people will share it regardless your copyright? Investing in a DMCA takedown service might be a smart move then! Not only does this actually secure you online, it also gives you the feeling of more artistic freedom. Whether you make music on Soundcloud, you share explicit content on OnlyFans or you write poems on Instagram, your content should be 100% yours. In this blog, we’ll explain to you how a DMCA takedown service works in three steps. 


  1. Monitoring

When you’ve chosen Onsist as your DMCA specialist, they’ll make sure to constantly scan the internet looking for illegal sharing of your copyrighted content. This isn’t done manually, but is done by an AI who monitors any relevant terms every hour of the day, every day of the week. To make sure that even the content that’s hardest to find will be removed of the web, Onsist’s specialist scan the web manually as well. These trained experts now exactly on what websites to look, so you’re sure that your content is 100% yours. 


  1. Removal

Although it would be preferred that the active monitoring of your content would lead to nothing found, it’s very much possible that your content does fall into the wrong hands. Once this is found by Onsist, they remove it immediately. You’re notified of the fact that something was found, as well as the host of the website this has been posted on will be notified of the fact their website is being used the wrong way. Often, website hosts don’t even realize this, so it’s good for them to know as well, as they’re the ones who decide the punishment for the user. Finally, Onsist makes sure to remove your content from search engines as well, so your name isn’t negatively affected in these results as well.


  1. Report

To make sure everything is done exactly how you want it to happen, Onsist offers you a weekly report in which they tell you about all the actions they’ve taken to secure your safety online. Removed content will be reported, as well as which actions have been taking in general. Where have they searched and what did they find? Has certain content been shared more frequent than others, or not? By having the answer to these questions, you know how to secure yourself even better in the future.


Be safe!

Investing in a DMCA takedown service is the first step to feeling 100% safe online. Make sure to do exactly so, so you can experience this!