How to Add a Pincode Checker to Your WordPress Website

There is no denying that the eCommerce industry is flourishing. But not every seller targets a worldwide audience and some even restrict themselves to only a few states.

If you deliver products only to specific locations, and your website runs on WordPress, you can add a pincode check on the website to limit selling products to these areas.

In this article, we’ll go through the steps to set up a pincode checker on your website and restrict your sales based on a customer’s location.

What Are Pincode Checker Plugins?

Pincode and zipcode checker plugins allow you to add postal codes and pincode checks on your WordPress website’s product pages. This allows customers to check whether you ship the products to their locations or not.

Adding pincode checker plugins will increase your customer satisfaction rates. Moreover, it cuts out unnecessarily inconveniencing shoppers in regions you don’t serve.

Installing Pincode Checker Plugin

To add the features mentioned above to your website, you’ll first need to download and install the Woo Pincode Checker plugin. You may not find the plugin in the WordPress plugins directory, but can download it from wbcomdesigns.

Once downloaded, upload the plugin directly to your WordPress website and click Install Now.

Demonstration On How And Where To Upload Plugin

Activate the plugin and you’ll see it in the active plugins list.

Shows The Plugin In The List Of Active Plugins

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Adding the Pincode

To add a single pincode to your website, go to Pincodes > Add Pincode. Enter the pincode for the place where you intend to deliver the products.

Manually Adding The Desired Pincode

You can also specify the delivery time for every pincode you add, which will notify customers about the expected delivery time for their city.

When customers enter the pincode of their city before making a purchase that matches the ones you added, it’ll show the add to cart option on the product page.

Pincode Check Button Displayed On The Product Page

If users enter a pincode that’s not in the list, they’ll get an error message notifying them that you do not deliver the product to their area.

Error Message If The Pincode Is Not Correct Or Out Of Reach

Adding Multiple Pincodes at Once

So, now you know how to add single pincode checkers to your WordPress site. But what if you want to add more than one?

Fear not, because that is also possible.

To add multiple pincodes, you’ll have to create a list in an Excel or Google Sheets file.

Open Google Sheets and create a new file. Add in the list of the pincodes for the locations where you intend to deliver the products.

New Google Sheet To Add Pincodes Manually

You can also enter the city, state, along with the expected number of days to deliver the product. However, these are not required.

Demonstration Of How To Add Details In Google Sheet

Once you’ve completed the above, follow the steps in the next section to add these pincodes to your website.

How to Add the Pincodes List to Your Website

To add your newly-created pincodes list, download your Google Sheets file in a CSV format.

Download File In The CSV Format In Google Sheets

Afterwards, head over to WordPress. Go to Dashboard > Pincodes > Upload Pincode and upload the pincodes list here. After uploading, click on Import CSV File.

Importing CSV File On WordPress

You will see the complete list on your website, along with the city, state, and delivery dates if you added these.

Pincode List Uploaded In WordPress

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Add Pincode Checker for Effective Store Management

If your eCommerce site runs on WordPress and you only serve local areas, pincode checkers are handy for improving your efficiency.

Since pincode verification only enables customers in selected locations to buy items, you don’t need to notify them that they’re unqualified. You can also save time when it comes to dealing with refunds for purchases from uncovered areas.

By adding cash on delivery payment method, along with limiting the locations you sell to, you can further boost your sales from your WordPress eCommerce website.

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