How to Add Product Variations and Attributes to Your WordPress Website

Listing the same product in different variations offers more choices for customers. They can select the product in their favorite color, size, shape, design, and a few other elements depending on the product type. By offering multiple variations of a single product, you can also dictate different price points.

We’ll walk you through the process to effectively add variations of a product to your WordPress website to increase the buying options for your customers.

What Is a Variable Product Option in WooCommerce?

Enabling the variable product option allows you to display one product in multiple variations. It simplifies the process to list and sell product variations quickly through your WordPress website.

What Are Product Attributes and Why Are They Important?

Attributes are characteristics of a product that make it unique. A product’s attributes include its size, color, type, price, and other features. These attributes highly influence a consumer’s decision.

According to a recent e-commerce study, 20 percent of e-commerce product purchase failures can be attributed to missing or unclear attributes or information.

How to Create a New Variable Product

Create a new product and then add its variations. You can add variations to an existing product as well.

1. Go to Products > Add New in the WordPress Dashboard.

Adding New Product Page In WordPress Dashboard

2. Give a name to your product and add a short description.

New Product Page In WordPress

3. To add variations, you need to change the setting from Simple Product to Variable Product.

Product Page Settings In WordPress

Thus, your variable product is ready. Now, let’s take a look at how you can add its attributes.

How to Create Product Attributes

Follow the steps below to create product attributes and introduce a variation.

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Products > Attributes.

Product Attributes Settings For Products In WordPress Dashboard

2. Give your attribute a name and a slug.

3. Enable Archives if you want your users to be able to browse product attributes.

4. Select the Default sort order.

5. Click on the Add Attribute button.

Adding A New Attribute For A Product

You can click on the attribute name to add or edit items to the attribute once added.

Product Attribute Added In WordPress

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How to Add Different Attributes in a Variable Product

Here’s how you can add different attributes for the same variable Product.

1. Click on Colour.

Adding Variations For Product Attribute In WordPress Dashboard

2. On the product attributes page, add three color variations to offer visitors.

Modifying Attribute In WordPress

3. Add all the colors.

Variations Of Attributes Displayed In The List In WordPress

4. Once you’ve added all the colors, click attributes again.

Now, you’ll see the color attribute with three different colors.

Showing The Attributes List With Variations

This is how you can create a product attribute; let’s add it to a product.

Add an Attribute to a Product

1. Click attributes on the products page.

Variable Product Settings In WordPress

2. Select your attribute.

3. Click Add and select the colors or options you want to add to the product.

4. Enable use for variations and save attributes.

Changing The Variable Product Settings

How to Create Variations of a Product

Follow the steps below to create variations of a product.

1. Click the variations button on the products page.

Adding Variations In The Variable Product Page

2. Select create variations from all attributes from the drop-down menu.

3. Then click Go.

Saving Settings By Clicking Go

Here you can see three different variations have been added to your product.

Showing List Of Available Variations

Don’t forget to click update every time you make changes to your product.

Update Option To Update Product Page

How to Set Price for Your Variations

Follow the steps below to set prices for your variations.

1. Click variations and select set regular prices from the drop-down menu.

2. Click Go.

Settings For Product Prices

3. Enter your product price in the pop-up window and click ok.

Adding Prices For Variations

How to Set a Price for Each Variation Individually

To list product variations at different prices, follow the steps below.

1. To set or change the price, click on the options right next to each variation.

2. Set the Price.

Displaying How To Change The Prices For Each Product Variation

3. Click Update to save the changes.

How to Set an Image for a Variable Product

Follow the below steps to set an image for a variable product.

1. Click set product image on your products page in the right sidebar.

Adding Product Image From Left Side Bar Of WordPress Dashboard

2. Add your product image.

3. Once you’ve added your product image, click Publish.

Image Updated For A Variable Product

Here you can see the product available in three different colors.

Product Page Updated Fully On Website

How to Set an Image for Each Variation

If you want the image to change based on your chosen color, you need to set an image for each variation.

1. Go back to the edit product page. Click variations.

Options To Set The Image For Each Product Variation

2. Click on each color separately to add an image.

Setting Separate Image For Each Variation

3. Select an image file or drag and drop an image from your computer, and the image will be set for this variation.

Adding Product Image From The PC

4. After adding the images, click update to save the changes.

Now, if you select a color, you’ll see that the image changes.

Product Variation Image Updated On Website

You can also choose to display your product variations as buttons instead of drop-down menus. To do so, you can use this handy plugin: Variation Swatches for WooCommerce.

What Are Variation Swatches for WooCommerce?

Besides offering to add color, image, and label attributes to a single WooCommerce product, Variation Swatches for WooCommerce offers advanced customization.

You can customize your product gallery, change the sizes of the image, and zoom in while hovering over any image. You can enable or disable the hover according to your requirements.

This plugin allows you to create swatches that follow the rounded and circle shape styles for each variation.

Install the Plugin

1. Go to Plugins > Add New in WordPress Dashboard.

Adding New Plugin

2. Go to the WordPress plugins page and search for variation swatches.

3. Install and activate the plugin.

Searching For A Plugin In WordPress Plugin Library

Once you activate the plugin, you’ll see it in the list of your active plugins.

Plugin Interface In WordPress

How to Modify Product Variations With Swatches

1. To choose the type, go to Products > Attributes from the dashboard.

Adjusting Products Settings In WordPress

2. Choose the attribute and click edit.

Editing Product Variations Settings

3. Choose the button type based on your variations. Click update.

Updating The Changes In Plugin

Selecting type as Button will display color variations in button style as shown below.

Product Page With Variation Buttons On Website

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Add Product Variations to Boost Your Sales

Offering your products in different variations makes a significant difference in boosting sales. WooCommerce itself doesn’t have great sales features to make your product pages more appealing.

You can improve the visual experience for your customers by adding multiple product variations based on different colors, sizes, prices, types, and other characteristics of the product.

WordPress store management made easy with WooCommerce plugins; try different plugins to find out which works best for you.

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