Meet Argentina’s one-man orchestra. Viral video leaves Internet stunned

An Argentinian musician has gone viral on social media as a one-man orchestra. A video of him playing was shared on Twitter by user Good News Correspondent.

Santiago Moreno has gone viral as the one-man orchestra.

We have all watched or heard a musical band playing. Different people on different instruments playing music is a common sight. But, have you ever seen a person playing more than one instrument together with utmost coordination? A video has gone viral on social media in which a musician can be seen doing the same.

Santiago Moreno, a musician from Argentina, has gone viral on the internet and for very melodious reasons indeed. He has come to be known as the one-man orchestra. Moreno has trained himself in such a way that he can play more than one instrument simultaneously.

In the 47-second clip, the artist was seen performing a song effortlessly with a guitar and parts of a drum set that were carefully perched on his back. The instruments were connected through a network of strings and pulleys. There was a bell tied around his neck and he tapped his feet for extra effect. His impeccable music skills were a treat to hear and watch too.

Watch the video here:

The viral video was uploaded on Twitter by user Good News Correspondent and has been viewed over 11,000 times. Netizens were stunned by the musician’s talent and lauded the coordination of the musician.

“I truly cannot comprehend that level of coordination,” a user said. Another one commented, “Love it.”

See the comments here:

Santiago Moreno is an established musician and premiered with his one-man band in 2014. He has over 63,000 followers on Instagram and often treats his listeners to videos of him playing music.

Take a look:

Stunning, isn’t it?

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