Movies to watch to learn the German language

According to statistics, Germany is among the most advanced countries in the world with the german language having 95 million native speakers as of 2015. Learning German as another language on your list is vital due to the many opportunities available in Central Europe. It is also significant because the world is fast becoming globalized, meaning that having to speak more than one language is a survival life hack. It means that you can adapt to many places worldwide through communication and while connecting with others. Speaking German will help you if you intend to travel to countries in Europe because it will be cheaper if you understand the rates charged in hotels and using transport and easier if you get into trouble. It will save you money, time, and the hassle brought by the same. Another reason to study the German language is you can make meaningful friendships, connections, and relationships with people speaking that language. To learn some German visit german TV Streaming and to get electronics to go to Thomas electronic. You can learn German through different sources such as attending classes, listening to songs, podcasts, watching movies. It gives a mixture of having fun and learning. The movies among which one can watch to learn German are;

  • Bibi Blocksberg

Bibi Blocksberg, a teen witch film is the original rendition of Harry Potter in German. The early 2000s(2002) film details Bibi’s growing up as she develops magical powers and encountering evil at an early age. If you’re would want to begin your learning journey in the German language, here is a good place to begin, because the characters are lively making it enjoyable for both adults ad children to learn. The plot is simple and dialogue has silly spells and dialogue good enough to understand basic vocabulary.

  • Friendship 

Friendship is a film that details both the clashing of cultures between the US and Germany and the director was Markus Goller. After the Berlin Wall fell two friends from East Germany decided to go for a road trip across America. In need of money and have a few English phrases, the two start a journey aiming at giving comedic mishaps. The German dialogue has English subtitles, the film will not drain your learning attention span and is a great introduction for beginner speakers. You will learn some youth dialects and references to German pop culture. It was produced in 2010.

  • The Wave

This film is a drama genre that explores psychology explaining phenomena like Hitler’s influence on the nation at large. A university professor has many bizarre experiments that start getting out of control. In German, it’s called Die Welle. The movie aims to address how dictatorship thrives and educate about mass psychosis, an illness that causes persons to lose touch with reality by affecting how the brain processes information.

  • Das Experiment

Released in 2001, the movie is based on psychology professor, Philip Zimbardo’s, Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971, where he got his students to act as prison guards and prisoners. Later, the experiment becomes unmanageable with the guards abusing their power and the prisoners. The real police had to intervene to stop the professor’s experiment. Zimbardo doesthis to show how easy it is to get carried away and start abusing others when in a position of power.

  • Das Lenen der Anderen (The Life of Others)

In this film, an secret service agent, Stasi, monitors a couple , a freelance writer and their lover but he gets emotionally entangled by their lives. The movie was released in 2006 and has an Oscar-winning award. It also has a great translation of language from German to English making it easy to learn.

  • Downfall( Der Untergang)

The movie is a historical drama taken from a book written by Adolf Hitler’s secretary, Traudl Junge which discusses the human side of hitler as opposed to his famous evil and bad traits. It shows the last days of the Nazi regime in Hitler’s unground shelter. It was released in 2004.
7. Sophie Scholl-Die letzten Tage( The Final Days)
The story is about a young girl, Sophie Scholl who is executed and found guilty for illegally deploying leaflets showing the crimes made by the regime at the time in the University of Munich. She was part of an anti-Nazi resistant group that was non-violent, called White Rose. She had made the leaflets with her brother Hans and the other group.

  • Keinohrhasen( No Ear Rabbits)

The movie released in 2007, has a famous German actor Til Schweiger acting as a press reporter is sentenced for eight months, but chooses to work for  300 hours in a children’s daycare center. There he meets Anna, an old classmate from Ludo who helps him make the film a mixture of comedy and love. 

Cognitive psychology says that learning a foreign language makes your brain grow hence having a bigger brain, better memory and a better problem solver.