My advice about internet advice

It’s time to start differentiating between strangers and people you know, especially when it comes to parenting.

I’m amazed at the power the nameless, faceless internet holds over most people. Especially for parenting-related advice today, if you found it on the internet, that’s somehow reason enough to qualify as solid advice. 

This makes no sense. But I’m here for you fellow parents. Here’s the Daddy Days Guide for Navigating the Internet and Social Media Especially for Parenting Related Purchases, Advice or Medical Remedies. 

First some quick definitions.

Twitter: mostly stupid people, saying mostly stupid things, about mostly stupid stuff.

Amazon (or any online) reviews: Strangers who may not be real providing opinions that may not be true. 

Facebook: Friends of friends you’ve never met sharing information you never asked for. 

Instagram: Proving the adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is not absolute. 

TikTok: Social heroin for kids. 

WebMD: Robot doctor specializing in creating hypochondriacs.

Large News Media Headlines: Clickbait hotdogs (they’re made with, not of, real truth).