Panama unveils bill to make Bitcoin legal tender

Angela Lang/CNET In what could be the beginning of a global trend, Panama is exploring a fast follow of El Salvador’s official embrace of Bitcoin. The day after El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as legal tender, Panamanian Congressman Gabriel Silva introduced a bill designed to provide “legal, regulatory, and fiscal certainty to […]

Benefits of Giving Hong Kong Corporate Gifts

You need to know that today’s corporate gifts hong kong have been widely used by people or companies to promote their business to the general public. If you calculate the cost to place an order, corporate events will certainly increase the company’s expenses. But even so there are many positive […]

ChangeTower web content monitoring review

TODAY’S BEST DEALS For businesses that want to keep a keen eye on the competition, website change monitoring software is an efficient way of tracking any changes made to a chosen site. Simply set up alerts, also known as monitors, and keep updated—spot changes to marketing campaigns, discounted pricing, new […] web content monitoring review

TODAY’S BEST DEALS Website change monitoring software enables businesses to keep an eye on changes to their competitors’ websites efficiently, as well as changes to their own websites.  Users typically receive automated alerts when content is updated on their chosen web pages and can use that data to enhance decisions, […]

Four great gadgets for a good night’s sleep

Gadgets updates Sign up to myFT Daily Digest to be the first to know about Gadgets news. Blanket solution Chilisleep’s Ooler system allows you to take control of your bed temperature It’s not so long since one of the major reasons for insomnia in the UK was being too cold […]