RSCC’s New Director General Speaks on Expanding Internet Access

Photo: RSCC

Photo: RSCC

The Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) new Director General Alexey Volin gave some of his first public remarks this week since taking the helm of Russia’s state-owned satellite operator. Volin spoke at the Territory of Meanings All-Russian Youth Educational Forum, and said RSCC’s principal challenge now is to provide access to the internet throughout Russia.

Volin became RSCC’s new director general late last month replacing Yuri Prokhorov.

He highlighted the fact that large parts of Russia’s territory with its mineral deposits and rail and highway and river routes, and the Northern Sea Route is currently outside internet coverage. “Our task is to ensure that people working in the Arctic, in remote and hard-to-reach areas, on railway, river, maritime and air transport do have the internet, as well as access to information, electronic services and communications, and assistance which they can request, if necessary,” he said.

RSCC plans to use its satellites in Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and ones in highly elliptical orbits to address the problem. The entity is currently working with NIIR to develop and design ground satellite terminals that can be installed on sea, river, railway transport, as well as buses, to provide on-the-move communication.

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