Samsung could ready a new charging hub for the Galaxy S23 and all your other gadgets

One first-party charger for all your everyday-carry gadgets

Some of the best Android phones you can buy today are premium Samsung devices with support for wireless charging. For some, there is no going back once you have experienced the convenience of dropping your phone on a pad and returning to find it recharged. In some markets, older flagship Samsung phones shipped with a wireless charging pad bundled with the phone, but now the company sells the pads as optional accessories. That means Samsung competes with the likes of Anker and Spigen’s docks and hubs in the wireless charger space. Now, we are learning of a new Samsung wireless charging hub that could sway customers in its favor.


Samsung’s Trio Pad Wireless Charger, introduced in 2020 with a $99 price tag, can recharge up to three devices wirelessly. Galaxy Club reports the company is working on a new Wireless Charger Hub for 2023. Some believe the new charger is the Trio Pad’s successor, and the report says the product could debut alongside the Galaxy S23 in January or February 2023. The expected SKU, EP-P9500, is similar to the Trio Pad’s model code, EP-P6300TBEG.

The report adds the Wireless Charger Hub’s pricing could remain around the $99 mark, but more details should emerge as the supposed launch date draws near.

Wireless charging is usually associated with high-end devices because it is more of a quality-of-life add-on than a necessity. If you know how easily wireless charging works, you’ll likely be drawn toward smartwatches, wireless earphones, and other smartphones with wireless charging support. If every daily-use gadget you have charges wirelessly, a single-pad charger may not suffice, so you may want to opt for a hub that charges more than one product at a time.

If you cannot wait and need a wireless charger in the next few months, pick something from our list of the best wireless chargers on the market today.