Security focused WordPress 5.8.1 is live! Here’s what’s new

WordPress 5.8.1 interim update is now available that fixes major security issues and bugs detected. What has changed?


Having a share of more than 50 percent in the Content Management Systems (CMS) market, WordPress hosts more than 15 percent of the websites in the world. While the company’s open source plugins, which contain more than 55,000 plugins in total, provide support to a significant part of shopping sites; It also makes it easy to create personal blogs, forums, and social network-based platforms.

Security and quality are of great importance for websites that build their infrastructure on WordPress. In this context, the company, which constantly updates and renews itself, has now released the 5.8.1 interim update after its last major version 5.8.

The mail service, which stands out with its security features, has announced its user!
The mail service, which stands out with its security features, has announced its user!
A Swiss-based mail service, which stands out with its secure e-mail service, has given the IP address of its user to the state in accordance with the laws of the country.

WordPress 5.8.1 critical security issues fixed

The WordPress 5.8.1 update, released on September 9, fixed 60 technical bugs as well as 3 security issues identified. Senior Software Engineer Jonathan Desrosiers stated on his support page that the aforementioned problems affect WordPress versions 5.4 and above. He also advised site owners to install the new security update immediately.

It is reported that the next major version update will be released with the WordPress 5.9 number, and it will be available in December 2021. Jonathan Desrosiers also released the names of the developers who contributed to the WordPress 5.8.1 security update. He thanked them all for their hard work. Some of the names announced are:

  • Michael Adams
  • Evan Ricafort
  • Steve Henry
  • Adam Zielinski
  • Alain Schlesser
  • Alex Lende
  • AlGala
  • Andrei Draganescu
  • Andrew Ozz

How to update WordPress?

First, log in to your website’s admin panel. Click the “Update now” button you see in the Dashboard. After that, WordPress will start the update process to version 5.8.1. Your site will be put into maintenance mode until the process is completed, and then it will return to its normal course. Also, if you have updates turned on in the background, you can install them automatically.