Measuring internet poverty

For the majority of the world, it is impossible to think of life without the internet. Think about life and work during COVID-19 when internet connectivity and digitalization were among the most necessary aspects of daily life. The internet allows us to stay entertained, informed, and, most importantly, connected. The […]

How many in Sussex County actually have high-speed internet?

As federal officials debate pouring billions of dollars into broadband access, data suggests many of New Jersey’s schoolchildren and adults who preferred to work from home spent the pandemic with sub-par access to high-speed internet, particularly in the state’s least-wealthy counties. Advocates say that “digital divide” across the United States […]

Cuba cracks down on internet in attempt to quell protests

Cuban authorities have shut down internet connections in an effort to stifle protests after thousands demonstrated against food shortages, power cuts and coronavirus restrictions. “There is no internet. None, anywhere. People are trying to use apps,” Isabel, a resident of Havana, said. The London-based NetBlocks Internet Observatory reported that restrictions on […]