The 7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins for WordPress Websites

It’s no secret that pristine business directories are laborious to perfect, but they provide numerous instrumental services once they’re all set. However, to properly set up a website directory, users require the help of something to clinch the accurate presentation and applications of the business directory.

Now, it’s common knowledge that business directories offer services, aiding individuals with information for their much-needed jobs. And, many of these directories are very advanced and provide various filters to narrow down the amenities people need from those massive databases!

Let’s take a look at what makes a business directory stand out.

What Are WordPress Directory Plugins?

Based on your intentions and choice of service, your WordPress website requires modifications and adjustments. To help more people get what they want, you can use WordPress directory plugins.

These plugins are a simple set of tools that can quickly help you customize your directory, depending on the parameters you provide. These plugins will alleviate your woes by designing a simple, easy-to-navigate database that’ll be of great assistance to your customers and yourself.

The 7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins

WordPress Directory Plugins are available in large numbers, but we’ve narrowed it down to the best to help you choose the “one” for your WordPress website. In this section, we will have a summarized discussion on some of the best WordPress Directory Plugins.

1. Directorist

Directorist WordPress directory plugin

Armed with the most specific features and an exceptional user interface, Directorist secured the top position because of its versatile functionality, robust performance, and excellent outlook. Creating useful business directories is a walk in the park with this elegant directory plugin!

Features like creating multiple directories within the same one, an opportunity of creating custom form and layout using the drag and drop functionality, listing CSV and exporting to local and numerous customization makes Directorist one of a kind.

With a sleek attribute of scoping out millions of listings, more than 10,000 active users across the globe trust this plugin, and it’s growing faster than other mentioned entries.

Moreover, it’s an excellent WordPress directory plugin as seen from hundreds of positive reviews on various WordPress plugin forums.

Key Features:

  • Create multiple directories inside a directory
  • Live chat to communicate with business owners
  • Advanced search filter with custom fields
  • Booking system
  • Both Front-end and back-end listing submission

2. Business Directory Plugin

business directory plugin

WordPress’ very own directory plugin, the Business Directory Plugin, is as simple as it gets. Adaptable to all kinds of directories and businesses, the Business Directory Plugin has influenced users around the globe and other directory plugins in the vast market.

You can create a range of listing directories with the help of the Business Directory Plugin. Be it a book site, a medical history directory, an employee directory, or whatnot, this plugin can do it all!

With over 20,000 active installations and minimal system requirements, this plugin continues to be the go-to for many WordPress users all around.

Key Features:

  • SEO Friendly
  • Can be used from a smartphone
  • Customizable form fields and listings
  • Incorporated “Search” widget
  • ReCaptcha to avoid junk listings

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3. Directories Pro

Directories pro WordPress directory plugin

If you’re looking for something with a bit of twist and added features, the WordPress Directory Plugin should handle the work for your site! Being a paid tool, Directories Pro offers a lot in terms of services, including a dedicated dashboard, contact forms, and multiple language support.

Directories Pro is compatible with most browsers currently. Since it was developed in 2018, professional directory builders have heavily appreciated this plugin. Whatsmore, the directory plugin is regularly updated to keep the tool running smoothly.

Key Features:

  • Swift and amenable to enhance user experience
  • Detailed guides to help set up
  • CSV Import and Export
  • Monetize your business directory easily with WooCommerce
  • Flexible filters for advanced searching

4. GeoDirectory

geo directory WordPress directory plugin

GeoDirectory can easily be considered for a place on our list with its numerous features and extreme versatility. Standing out for its enormous scaling features, GeoDirectory has the option to be used alongside the most renowned page builders!

Creating a local directory, front-end submission form, built-in forms for user review, numerous widgets, multilingual capability, and many other useful features make it an excellent WordPress directory plugin.

Key Features:

  • Over 40 widgets/shortcodes
  • Easier user review systems with built-in forms
  • Multiple filter options including ZIP code, proximity, or location name
  • Full compatibility with WordPress Multisite
  • Option to list millions of businesses with a stellar database

5. Sabai Directory

sabai directory. WordPress directory plugin

One of the choicest business directory plugins out there in the market, Sabai Directory is a fan-favorite for building up new directories for open locations! With Sabai Directory, you will supply customers with a broad range of results over expansive geography.

Released in the market in 2013, the Sabai Directory plugin comes at a reasonable price. Moreover, the plugin is updated regularly, and the Directories Pro that we learned above is a direct branch of this plugin. So let’s check out the array of aspects it provides!

Key Features:

  • Grid, List, or Map view to display listings
  • Search listings based on various elements
  • Provide images of listings
  • Support OpenStreetMap and Google Maps
  • Interactive search result interface

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6. Advanced Classified and Directory Pro

advanced classified & directory

ACADP (Advanced Classified & Directory Pro) as known by the abbreviation, is an adaptable and effective WordPress directory plugin used by many professionals all over. A range of premium directory features can be seen on this plugin, and you can make use of them to create the best business directory on the internet.

With a growing number of users, ACADP continues to bloom worldwide. The plugin is renovated and refurbished regularly to provide users with a top-notch experience. Ratings, in general, have been positive. However, certain exclusive features are making ACADP the plugin it is.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited custom fields to adjust to multiple business areas
  • Versatile locations and regions for the directories
  • Personalized layout based on fields and categories
  • Generate revenue with three different ideas
  • Email notifications to stay up-to-date with progress

7. Connections Business Directory

connections business directory

From complying with the simplest of directories like staff directories to more complex business directories, Connections Business Directory is the dominant answer for many sites. Users can compose and arrange their directories just the way they like using this WordPress Directory Plugin.

Receiving the lion’s share of promising reviews, Connections Business Directory is already a prime choice for over 10,000 users. Moreover, the support staff are available and can help you with anything once you ask.

Key Features:

  • Amicable with most popular themes
  • Regularly updated with new, modern features
  • Unique entry types to accommodate larger listings
  • Repeatable information fields
  • Various free extensions to intensify the experience

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