The Best Smart Gadgets for Your Living Room

A modern home has many different requirements. There are a lot of sensitive gadgets and systems which must be taken care of, otherwise, you may find yourself having to spend excessively on repair and maintenance. From the plumbing and electricity inside to garden maintenance outdoors, a homeowner’s responsibilities are seemingly endless. Fortunately, smart technology can help make this easier.

There are a lot of tasks in your home which can be done without your constant involvement. Smart gadgets can help you manage your home discreetly and remotely, which can save you some valuable time and effort. Smart home automation is an excellent way to enhance both your home’s look and functioning since it makes accomplishing everyday mundane tasks a lot more efficient.

One of the most important rooms in any home is the living room. It is usually the center of all activity and serves many different purposes, which makes investing in it a good idea. Many different platforms can help you improve your living room, and you can always rely on smart home HGTV for some creative home improvement tips; that said, the following smart gadgets would be an excellent addition to your living room.

Google Nest Thermostat

The temperature of your home is a major factor in determining its comfort. The discomfort caused bythe wrong temperature can result in you feeling lethargic throughout the day, which in turn impacts your overall productivity. The best gadget to help you deal with this is a smart thermostat, and Google Nest is the perfect source for your next thermostat upgrade.

This particular thermostat comes with features that make it ideal for use in any kind of home. It can be controlled remotely, which means you won’t have to get out of bed on a cold winter morning just to change the temperature to your liking. This thermostat makes your home more eco-friendly by turning itself down when you’re away, so you don’t have to pay unnecessarily large electrical bills. With its easy installation and voice control capability, you will find this to be a helpful addition to one of the most actively utilized rooms in your home.

WIZ Motion Sensor

Sensors may be the most important component in any smart home. The reason a gadget is considered “smart” is due to certain features that make it easier to operate, and these features are a result of sensors. Out of all the different detectors which make up your smart home, a motion sensor is one of the most widely used.

There are a few different applications of motion sensors, but when it comes to smart homes, they are mostly used for security purposes. Motion sensors are used in alarms, automatic doors, smart lights, etc. This gadget makes it so that you never have to navigate through your home in the dark. With a motion detection range of up to 3 meters, this gadget can be placed discreetly in any part of your home.

Google Wi-Fi Router

A router is one of the most important tools in the functioning of any smart home. Without good internet, operating your smart gadgets can become quite difficult. There are issues such as lag, which can render your smart home useless in situations that require an urgent response. The speed of your internet connection depends on a few different factors, and the hardware you use is one of them.

A good router is a necessity for ensuring the seamless operation of your smart gadgets. The Google Wi-Fi Router is an excellent addition to your smart home since it has remarkable coverage and eliminates dead zones.

Google Nest Audio

No smart home is complete without a smart speaker. This is a gadget that can help you link your smart home together, giving you much better control over it. The Google Nest Audio is a particularly good choice for this, due to its accessibility and many helpful features.

With powerful sound and voice control capability, this gadget can help you with many of your virtual tasks throughout the day. If you want a properly scheduled day at home, the Nest Audio will help keep you on track with alarms and reminders. It can play music, find you the best route to work, and even help you order groceries. Whether it’s for work or entertainment purposes, a smart speaker may never disappoint.

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug

If you’re looking for the most hassle-free way to experience the features of a smart home, a smart plug is your best option. This handy little gadget allows you to convert small gadgets, such as lamps and space heaters, into “smart” ones. It is compact and blends into the room easily.

Any device which you connect to your outlet using the Wemo smart plug will become operable through the corresponding app. You will be able to set a schedule, track energy usage and control it remotely. This gadget is great for security purposes as well since it can be used to make your home appear occupied even when it’s vacant.

A Smarter Home, One Room at a Time

Whether you want to host an event or have a relaxing day at home, the living room can be your go-to space. You can alter its ambiance through lighting and temperature, keep it clean using an automatic vacuum cleaner, and even make it the hub for all virtual activity by adding a smart hub or speaker. Investing in your living room means investing in your entire home, and there’s no better way to do that than by fully utilizing smart technology.