This gulab jamun with an Old Monk twist is breaking the internet. Viral video

A video of an individual injecting Old Monk into gulab jamuns has grabbed much attention on the Internet. The viral video may leave you wanting to take a bite.

The screengrabs show Old Monk being injected into gulab jamuns

Are you a fan of gulab jamun? Does this scrumptious dessert make your mouth water? Then let us introduce you to a new recipe involving these sugary delights and some Old Monk. Did this concoction surprise you? Well, a Facebook video that has now gone viral on social media that showcases a man injecting Old Monk into gulab jamuns.

A person can be seen showing off a freshly made tray of gulab jamuns. Moments into the clip, the person can be seen injecting a generous amount of Old Monk into each ball. We won’t lie. It does look appealing!

Take a look:

The video, which was shared on August 1, has been viewed over 1.5 million times. Netizens found the concept rather interesting and dropped all sorts of comments while expressing their eagerness to try these special gulab jamuns.

“Definitely trying this,” a Facebook user wrote. “Looks yummy!” commented another.

What do you think?

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