Welcome to ‘Plvoer’? Internet has fun with Plover water tower spelling

Paint crews work to fix a spelling error on Thursday, July 1, 2021, on the Plover water tower on Forest Avenue in Plover, Wis.

PLOVER – Crews repainting the Plover water tower Thursday accidentally misspelled the village’s name, and the internet has got jokes.

People took notice Thursday afternoon when the Plover water tower along Forest Drive suddenly read “Village of Plvoer,” and photos quickly began to spread online.

Village Administrator Dan Mahoney said that the company hired for the job accidentally reversed the “forms,” or templates used to paint the letters on, before raising them up to be painted on the water tower. The mistake was quickly painted over Thursday and the water tower should be finished Friday, Mahoney said.

A meme shared by a Facebook user on the "Stevens Point Area: Happening Now" Facebook page.

People on social media have been having fun with the mishap, creating memes and sharing them to the “Stevens Point Area: Happening Now” and the “You Know You’re From Stevens Point If…” Facebook pages.

One Facebook user wrote, “The amount of joy the ‘plvoer’ sign has brought me today is priceless.” People responded: “Lvoe it!!” and “Big lvoer of it.”

Some people suggested keeping the name misspelled. “I think they should leave it,” one person wrote. “It has created so many laughs and it makes us unique lol.”

The mishap and the reactions to it seemed to lift people’s spirits. One Facebook user wrote, “We all needed a good laugh… it feels so good to laugh again!”

A meme shared by a Facebook user on the "You Know You're From Stevens Point If..." Facebook page.

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